Helena Serafina

Visionary Intuitive Author and Inner Child Coach to enable our Super-Consciousness

Hi, I'm Helena Serafina and have always been enthusiastic about inspirational journalling writings through our multi-dimensionality, and feel privileged to have turned my passion onto the next step as an Author and Inner Child Coach through our SuperConsciousness. Read on to find samples of my current and future ebooks, bio, sessions and more.


Hybrid Children in Light eBook

February 22, 2021

NEW ARRIVAL INSTORE: Check out the SHOP for my latest work as a Visionary Author: Helena Serafina. Meet the Hybrid Children in Light who take you around the Cosmos, allowing your senses to feel more embodiment. Diving in through our inner senses becomes an even deeper transformational experience.

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Encounters from Within

March 2, 2022

It’s been a long time coming, but the wait is finally over. Encounters from Within, the latest title from Author: Helena Serafina sharing further insights following further my multidimensional sensory experiences which have taken place over the last months and recent years.

Inspirational Holograms and Themes

March 20, 2022

Check out this forthcoming work by Visionary Author: Helena Serafina. A plethora of stories that came forward through Inspirational Holgrams revealing themes for our current times.



Writing Journey

Visionary Author: As Helena Serafina, I have been receiving visionary stories and writing about them since I was a young child. Perhaps, it was inevitable that Helena, would convert and translate these visionary impressions and sensory holograms into words —and yet still, am loving every moment. These visionary imprints are a privileged gift to be shared and these intuitive sharings are now reaching a larger and welcoming audience. Get in touch to discover more about these types of writings and my future endeavors.


NOW AVAILABLE in the Shop to download as an ebook. Welcome to the Hybrid Children in Light in co-creation with Healing Arts Liquid Light Frequencies

Visionary Author

Helena Serafina


Welcome to Co-Living with Intention in Community. Another ebook currently in progress. As a group of members within these communities, these are Living Stories of our current experiences..

Visionary Author

Helena Serafina


Reaching out..

Helena Serafina YouTube Channel



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I Allow Peace in My Life

Affirmations with Music & Vocals

This is a "Meditation of Affirmations" compilation slideshow created by Helena Serafina. Living as an Empathic caring human being on Earth at this time of great change often requires us to take moments of peaceful meditation. Affirmations are given to our sensory system which assist us to feel more balanced and in tune with our own harmony peace and balance. Listening to our own inner voice re-enforces our natural ability to stay calm, loved, and in tune with All That Is.
Piano, Flute and Vocals by: Cedric Vermue, Luuk Lenders, Helena Serafina, Tineke Blok, Joanne van Wijgerden